Our Story

The story of Cordello Home is one founded on love.

It begins with a love of graphic design. Out of this love has grown a desire to bring pattern to life in the home, inspired by a simple heart shape – a globally recognised icon that is associated with emotion, love and passion. Our distinct patterns are all about bringing vibrancy and fun into your life, through a striking collection of contemporary designs.

Our name is inspired by my love of all things Italian; the country, the food, the people and of course, the style! Cordello was born out of two Italian words; “heart” (“cuore”) and “pattern” (“modello”).

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded and influenced by design. Through my parents and family friends, design featured highly in our household. It inspired me to start my graphic design agency over 10 years ago.

This, combined with my passion for property, mid-century furniture, eclectic interiors and vibrant household objects, is how Cordello Home started.

I hope you will love our collection and become a regular visitor to our home. Cordello Home.


Kate Shaw